#MyButtsBeenWiped Trends After Latest Bizarre Sleepy Joe Meltdown

#MyButtsBeenWiped Trends After Latest Bizarre Sleepy Joe Meltdown

#MyButtsBeenWiped Trends After Latest Bizarre Sleepy Joe Meltdown

Joe Biden experienced another apparent cognitive meltdown Sunday as he waddled toward reporters outside the White House. Biden belligerently screamed a series of words that sounded to many people like he said “My butt’s been wiped.” Enough people heard this that #MyButtsBeenWiped became a Trending Topic on Twitter. If that is indeed what he said, then Biden’s use of the passive voice would suggest that someone else is wiping him, which would suggest that the task falls to a White House staffer. This is just the latest in a series of recent Biden meltdowns.

Biden’s grasp on normal appropriate interaction appears to be rapidly declining.

Joe Biden rambled about a scenario in which parents have to tell their kids about “those aliens” and questioned “Is there a man on the moon?” in a bizarre and disturbing fiasco broadcast on the CNN cable channel.

Joe Biden stated the following in an onstage interview with CNN’s Don Lemon: “Or or or the mom and dad, or or or the neighbor, when you go to church, I I I I really mean it,” Biden rambled in an alarming breakdown of his speech capabilities. “There are trusted interlocutors. Think of the people, if your kid wanted to find out whether or not there were, there was a man on the moon or whatever, something. Or, you know, whether those aliens are here or not, you know who are the people they talk to beyond the kids who love talking about it?”

Joe Biden was answering questions from reporters by Marine One when he randomly asked them if Republicans think “we’re sucking the blood out of kids” in response to a question about defunding the police. This is the second time the President has randomly brought up the notion that he and Democrats suck out the blood of children.

While speaking to a group of reporters by Marine One, Joe Biden abruptly brought up “sucking the blood out of kids” again when asked a question about defunding the police. “We are not defunding the police, and have not,” Biden told the reporters, who responded by asking him “are there people in the Democratic Party who want to defund the police?” Rather than provide an answer to the question he was asked, Biden randomly asked the reporters, “are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?”

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